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Increase engagement. Build your brand. Reach your audience. Tell your story And stand out from the crowd. At Afstudio Design we take on the most complex creative projects and deliver smart, cost-effective solutions.

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Our services

We believe that a successful design solution must be constructed to be visually engaging and perform flawlessly.
For 20 years, we've enabled some of the most innovative Bay Area companies to stand out from the crowd — while reducing the cost and effort of complex creative projects.

Print design

Afstudio Design knows the importance of the printed word. We've created printed brochures for Adobe Systems as well as for several other high tech companies in the Bay Area. We believe that collateral design should be clean, clear, contemporary, and easy to read above all else.


Identity design can be the most challenging form of design, but also the most fun. A good logo and its accompanying identity program should effectively convey the owner's persona and key message in a second or two.


Afstudio creates high-impact web sites that are easy to navigate, easy to read and inviting to the viewer. We make interactive design a direct, fun, engaging and thoughtful experience for the participant that works.


Understanding what draws a customer to your product is at the core of Afstudio’s approach to packaging design. We collaborate with our clients to create a unique and targeted design, which when articulated in a provocative 3-dimension vision, has customers reaching for your product first.

Our Clients

We begin every project by listening closely to what you need, and what you expect. We'll learn your business, and we'll ask challenging questions. How will you measure your success? What will set you apart from your competition? What will it take to cut through the clutter? We'll do our homework. We'll review the dynamics of your market, evaluate your competitors, and sketch different creative approaches. We'll guide your project.

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